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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Things they don't have in Utah

Things they don’t have in Utah:

beards (see Mormons, below)
cicadas (see plants and trees)
corn (see rain)
grain silos (see corn)
a horizon (see mountains, below)
humidity (see rain)
moss (see rain)
(lots of green) plants and trees (see rain)
rabbits (see plants and trees)
rain (see mountains, below)
really curly hair on Katya (see humidity)
rivers (see rain)
road kill (see wildlife)
smoking sections in restaurants (see Mormons, below)
squirrels (see plants and trees)
tornado shelters (see tornadoes)
tornadoes (see mountains)
water towers (see mountains)
wildlife (see plants and trees)

Things they don’t have in Illinois:



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