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Saturday, August 20, 2005


In my desk:

Provo City Library Card
I remember the library being at three locations. This one is from the most recent, as my last one had been deactivated from lack of use.

Hollywood Video Card
Used perhaps twice. Not much of a video watcher, much less renter.

Cold Stone Creamery Card
Buy 9, get the 10th one free. 2 stamps. I don’t even know if they have a Cold Stone out here. (Just checked. The nearest one is 50 miles away.)

My second, as I had a card issued in high school. This one is from my freshman year, and is proof that I was once rather chubby. This card was deactivated after I misplaced it and had to go get a new one. Later I found it in my gym bag.

Blockbuster Membership Card
Used more often. Maybe half a dozen times.

BYU Alumni Association Membership Card
No idea what it’s good for, but I do have it.

KUER Connections Card
Useful for some things in Salt Lake, but not much out here.

Good Earth Natural Foods Supplement Card
Almost full. Will probably it fill up over Christmas.

Social Security Card

DentalSelect Gold Network Card
Guess I should probably toss it, as I’ve got different insurance now.

expired Visa card

business card from a librarian I worked with
I never call. I never write.

Delta Sky Miles
Loved the in-flight movies and the convenience of the SL hub, but then they stopped serving food in coach and I had to switch to Northwest.

DC Metro Weekly Fast Pass
It’s long since expired, of course, but I keep it around for the memories.

Divine Comedy ad
With one word on the back. Frindle. Book I was supposed to read. (Sorry, Latro! Haven’t gotten around to that yet. Of course, you haven’t read my BBBC book, either. And even I lent you my copy. And I even think you’d like it.) Just checked the UIUC catalog, and we don’t have the book. Luckily, another ILCSO library has the volume. But I can’t request it right now because I’ve already requested another book from ILL, and if I get them both at the same time I might not have time to read them. So Frindle will have to wait, again.

Airport Express Shuttle Card
6 trips registered. On the 10th I get a free ride.

Library of Congress Reader Identification Card
Again, this is just a cool thing to have.

Einstein Bros Dozen Dozen Bagels Club
Buy a dozen dozen bagels, get the 13th dozen free. 8 punches.

In my wallet:

Visa card
Not expired.

County Market Max Savings Card

UT driver’s license
Proof that I am an organ donor, I wear glasses and I am not, in fact, 18.

Quiznos Sub Card

Good Earth Natural Foods Supplement Card
Hmm. This should probably be combined with the one above.

Number 4. Number 3 replaced the one above, but they confiscated it when they came out with the new color ones. It’s actually a rather nice picture. (As is my driver’s license.) Me with long hair.

Albertsons Preferred Saving Card
Probably could be taken out of my wallet now.

Einstein Bros Sandwich Club Card
Buy 8 sandwiches, get one free. One punch. (At least two other cards already redeemed.)

Company Mastercard
Hmm. I wonder if I need to give this back or if I can just cut it up.

Prepaid phone card
Pre-cell phone card.

SelectMed-SE Insurance card
Again, probably doesn’t need to be in my wallet. Or even not in my trash can.

Thrifty Car Rental Corporate ID Card
Ironically, it’s more expensive to use the corporate plan now that I’m over 25. But when I was under it was the only way to go.

Borders Gift Card
I wonder how much is on it.

Old Navy Gift Card

HBLL call number locations cheat sheet
Sweet, sweet HBLL. I never appreciated you. (Actually, I did. But you’re still lost to me.)

In my back pocket:

I-card (University of Illinois ID)
Again, a reasonably cute picture. Except that my teeth look kind of yellow. But my eyes look amazingly blue. Usually, they’re more grey.

Another post, another list.


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