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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Things I get to do

1. Eat in the library.
2. Talk in the library.
3. Laugh and generally be loud in the library.
4. Write in books.
5. Mutilate books with a knife.
6. Go through the doors that say “staff only.”
7. Open software packages in books that say you can’t open them.
8. Take books out of the reference room that aren’t supposed to leave the reference room.
9. Take any book out of the library without checking it out.
10. Take an entire truck of books out of the library without checking them out.

I love my job.


At April 25, 2007 2:58 PM, Blogger Becca said...

Katya, you've always been above the law.

At April 25, 2007 3:18 PM, Blogger Melyngoch said...

What makes you think I can't do those things? (I just have to be a little cleverer about it.)

At April 25, 2007 4:16 PM, Blogger Master Fob said...

One of my favorite parts of working at Provo Library was my first day when they took me up in the bell tower so I could ring the bell. I felt pretty darn cool.

At April 25, 2007 4:36 PM, Blogger Squirrel Boy said...

You're such a naughty librarian, Katya!

At April 25, 2007 11:33 PM, Blogger Katya said...

Huh. I thought you guys would be more curious about the alleged book mutilation . . .

At April 26, 2007 2:33 AM, Blogger Tolkien Boy said...

For my job, I get to tear up student manuals.

It's awesome.

At April 26, 2007 6:05 AM, Blogger Melyngoch said...

Well, Katya, book mutilation's pretty much in character for you. Hardly seems out of the ordinary.

At April 26, 2007 11:40 AM, Blogger Th. said...


That does sound awesome.

At April 27, 2007 7:01 PM, Blogger Squirrel Boy said...

I guess I forgot to ask about the book mutilation. Do tell.

At April 27, 2007 9:20 PM, Blogger Katya said...

Oh, if a book I'm cataloging has uncut signatures, I get to (carefully) cut them with a book knife. It's pretty rare in a new book, unless it hasn't been trimmed properly; I had to do it more often when I was working with books that were over 50 years old.

At April 30, 2007 5:48 PM, Blogger Th. said...


I always feel terrible cutting signatures in my own collection. Which is stupid since I don't just collect--I really do intend to read.

At April 30, 2007 7:52 PM, Blogger Katya said...

What kinds of books are you reading? Are they old?


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