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Friday, July 20, 2007

One soul, divided

I like babies.

She likes cooking.

I play the piano.

She's on a mission.

I knit and do hand sewing.

There's one good Mormon housewife between us. (There's also one apostate liberal feminist. Maybe it's better things are divided as they are.)


At July 21, 2007 3:39 AM, Blogger Saule Cogneur said...

Divisions is good.

But a "good Mormon housewife?" That's nothing but trouble.

At July 21, 2007 11:41 AM, Blogger Becca said...

Hey now, she knits, too... :)

At July 21, 2007 10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This made me laugh! Aloud!

At July 22, 2007 2:09 PM, Blogger Katya said...

sc - And that's why no good Mormon housewife will ever love you.

becca - Um, yeah. Sort of. :)

jenn - :D

At July 24, 2007 11:24 PM, Blogger JB said...

I like the liberal feminist better, though I also respect the Good Mormon Housewife.

At July 25, 2007 1:54 PM, Blogger William C said...

Hey Physics Chick. I decided that since I continue to refuse to join Blue Beta, the very least I could do is stop by your blog on occasion.

Some possible holes in your argument: Who makes "crafts"? Who scrapbooks? Who makes their unwed twentysomething son feel guilty for not dating more? (Note: I must specify that these are not qualities of my own mother, who is a pretty fair Mormon housewife in her own right and almost never bothers me about dating.)


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