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Friday, September 11, 2009

Christmas carols: March of the Kings

I didn't post a carol last week — I'm not sure why. (We can pretend that I was terribly offended by the comments from two weeks ago. People! Grow up!)

Anyway, this week's carol is best known in English as "The March of the Kings." Its original French title is "Ce matin, j'ai rencontré le train." (The even originaler Provençal title is "De matin ai rescountra lou trin," depending on the level of snob factor you're going for.)

Also, I thought this was a pretty well-known carol, so I was surprised very few videos of it. How many of you have heard it before?

Pitt Men's Glee Club, 2007:

The sound quality in this isn't great, but the harmony is nice and they're singing in the original(ish) French.

Unknown handbell choir, 2006:

An instrumental version arranged for handbells. (Also, you have to admit that the scales look pretty cool.)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra, November 2007:


At September 12, 2009 2:47 AM, Blogger Berkeley Ward said...


I didn't recognize it in the first video, but no I definitely know it.

I know it from my alltime favorite MoTab cd, Noel. Which is now I've known any of the obscure ones you've put up.

At August 07, 2012 12:38 PM, Blogger John Evans said...

Of course, this melody was used by Bizet in his music for "L'Arlesienne"! (Suite 1, Prelude.) That might be where more people know this melody from!


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